Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 700C Hybrid Bicycle Review

This is a very affordable model for people who are a bit tight in terms of budget. You do not need to worry though because even with its cheap price, the performance can still be considered to be one of the best in the market. It is a great choice then if you want a high end bike for a very affordable price.

Easy Assembly and Adjustment

This model will arrive upon delivery already partly assembled. This makes it easy to put together the rest of the parts. You do not have to worry then to deal with each part of the bicycle individually making it faster for you to enjoy the bicycle immediately.

Even if you do not have any experience at all in putting together the remaining parts, you can easily figure things out as well with the manual that comes with it. You just need to ensure that you have the right tools such as an adjustable wrench and a screw driver.

As an added feature you can ride it smoothly since it can easily be adjusted to fit your height. Specifically, you can tahve a different experience each time riding it by adjusting the model itself to fit your preference.


The frame of this mountain bike is a Schwinn aluminum Hybrid frame with Schwinn suspension fork. This makes it on par with many more expensive models in terms of durability and strength. Rough terrains then will not be able to easily affect your bike in terms of inflicting damage to the frame itself.

It also comes with alloy rims for its wheels that are very durable especially if you plan to go on rough terrains. Navigating rough roads then will not worry you in thinking that the wheels of this model might not be able to handle it. But, since the wheels are smaller than most models, you would need better control in your balance when trying out rough roads with this bike.

Pro Max Front Disc Brake and Suntour Suspension Fork are what complete the brakes for this model. This makes it easy for you to perform a complete or gradual stop and thus easier time in controlling your speed.

But you really do not have to worry in terms of controlling your speed since it has the Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur with Shimano EZ Fire shifters for easy shifting of gears and speed adjustment. You can then alter your speed then when riding to your preference.

Something You Must Remember

The model was created to compete with more expensive mountain bikes. You need to consider then that using this bike means having the capability to go through hard bike courses. That means you must improve your riding skills as well. Having no ability to handle the performance of your bike will only result to disappointment and possibly damage on the unit.


With its low price, this would most likely be overlooked by those who think that a low price means cheap performance. But with the specifications mentioned above, this model should be a part of your shortlisted models before deciding which mountain bike to buy.

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