NEW IN BOX Gravity FSX 1.0 Review

This is the mountain bike model recommended for you if you prefer to have a high quality ride in almost all types of road with its very affordable price in the market. It gives you the feel of having a $1000+ model with the performance it provides. This is mainly because of the specifications it presents upon delivery.


The Dual Suspension Mountain Bike frame gives this model it durability and stability. You can add to this the easy maneuverability because of its design. That means it can withstand and navigate any type of terrain that can be accessed by a bike. Balance is also not compromised even if you are faced with rough roads upon riding this model. Of course, this is assuming that you have a little experience in navigating through hard bike courses.

Its 26” wheels are well suited to run through difficult terrain and this makes it very easy to handle especially in paved roads. You would need to have some practice though in order to navigate better when passing through rough terrains due to the smaller wheels compared to the models with 29” wheels.

Its disc brakes, front and rear, are versatile enough to perform complete stops and in slowing down. It perfectly complements then the 26” wheels of this model upon navigating through the courses you want to explore. It is still recommended though that you practice braking in different situations for you to utilize the brakes of this model completely

In terms of gear control and shifting, you will have the 24 Speed Shimano Components. Easy shifting then is very possible especially if you are in a course that requires different speed and power in various sections. Constant changing of the gears does not affect the model as well since the gears are durable and versatile enough to cope with gear changes. You do not have to worry then about your gears breaking in the middle of a downhill course.

Something You Need to Remember

The high specifications of this model allow it to compete with more expensive mountain bikes. That means handling this unit may be a bit too much for beginners especially in difficult terrain. If you are just starting to learn mountain biking then, you might want to reconsider in choosing a different model first the suits beginners more. Still, this model can also be used in casual riding without compromising the comfort it provides to the rider.


This could be said as the dream bike for most of the bikers looking for a full suspension frame with front and rear disc brakes. Add to this the other mentioned specifications and you have the ideal bike that fits both for casual and hardcore bikers. This makes the unit very popular for people who prefer to use bikes in going to work to add a little exercise in their daily routine and at the same time have plans to explore rough roads from time to time for a change of phase from daily life.

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