Building Your Own Electric Bicycle

Get Started in Building Your Own Electric Bicycle

It can sound intimidating at first, but an electric bike can be one of the easiest things that you can do. You can check the news about e-bikes in this link here. All you need are components such as batteries, conversion kits, and a bike in excellent working condition.

There are a lot of online shops that can give you the materials that you need. Some of them are offering the best deals, and if you already have your own bike, this project can turn out to be a pretty inexpensive one.

What You Need To Do

1. Prepare the Materials

The ideal bike to use is the one with wide handlebars and disc brakes. Mountain bicycles are the most common ones that are converted into e-bikes because they have more durable frames to support the extra weight and torque.

If you never had experience building an e-bike before, the help of a handy kit will make your work easier. The kits contain hub motors, throttle, speed controllers, and more.

It would be best if you made sure that the kit comes with the same sizes of wheels that you have on the existing wheels of your bicycle. You also need to purchase the battery since it usually does not come with the kit.

The battery should have the capacity that is between 10Ah or 20Ah. Choose the one that has a charger and a higher voltage.

2. Replace the Wheels

Remove the wheels, cotter poms, springs, and clips that hold the pads in place. There are videos online that have step-by-step instructions on how you can do this. Put the new wheel that comes with the electric hub and reconnect the components of the brake.

Adjust the chains and make sure that they fit correctly. Align the calipers for mechanical brakes or pump the brake lever for the hydraulic varieties. Read more about how disc brake calipers work here:

3. Add the Electric Components

The throttle is the area where you attach the speed controller. There are directions in the kit that you need to follow. The bolts are provided in the package. Attach the throttle to the handlebars to easily reach them.

Connect the battery to the throttle and speed controller. Again, you need to follow the instructions on the kit. Generally, you need to plug in a connector from the battery to the speed controller, and this should also be done with the throttle.

Put the battery of the bike into the frame of the water bottle holder. This is the ideal place because it is where the center of gravity is the lowest. Another alternative is to place the battery into a box at the back of your bicycle or attach it to the basket at the front.

By following the kit's instructions, making sure that every cable is connected, and there are no loose parts, you can now cruise around and enjoy your e-bike. You can test this in a rural area where there's a lesser chance of other vehicles passing you on the road.

If you are not a fan of installing something, then there are many other options for you. You can search the web with something like best e bikes for less than $1000 and forget about the hassle of doing the steps above. You will surely find a powerful e-bike that can take less effort in going uphill, and there are some with top speeds that can reach 25 mph while the motor is on.

They Can Benefit You In a Lot of Ways

If you want to get into a distant place and want to be faster, then e-bikes are for you. There are roadblocks, traffic, and urban congestion at peak hours that can make you late for work. The e-cycle can also be an alternative to a car or a motorcycle since these things are usually pretty expensive. You can maneuver them on side roads, bypass the main streets through a narrow street, and even carry your bicycle over your head to pass the traffic.

You can build your own for a lower price, and there are a lot of available options for you if you want something durable and working. If the battery becomes empty while you are in the middle of a trip, you can always use the pedals and get into your destination in no time.

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