2019’s Top 5 Mountain Bikes Under $3000

If you’re not a novice to mountain bike riding, you might be wondering what’s new on the market. Or maybe your favorite bike broke, and you’re searching for a modern one to replace it. But you don’t want one of those cheap mountain bikes – you want something impressive, fast and durable that would make everyone else green with envy.

In this case, you have come to the right place. Here I’ve gathered a list of the top 5 mountain bikes under $3000 that won’t disappoint if you want your daily dose of adrenaline.

Tips for choosing a $3000 mountain bicycle

If you take a look at the various mountain bikes on the market, you’ll probably be confused about the many features that they are offering. But here are some things that you need to consider when buying your mountain bike.

Chose the frame material carefully

At this price threshold, you will have to make a choice between aluminum and carbon frames. To make your choice a simple one, I’ll point the pros and cons of both.


When it comes to weight, we have a clear winner, and that is carbon. It’s lighter than aluminum, and it’s easy to mold it into various shapes allowing more extravagant bike frames.

If you need a mountain bike for climbing uphill or fast acceleration, you can’t go wrong with a carbon frame.


In general, aluminum mountain bikes are considered less comfortable than their carbon counterparts because the trail vibrations get transferred to the rider. On the other hand, carbon mountain bikes lessen to some extent the uncomfortable sensations.


The crucial thing that you must remember here is that an aluminum frame will deform, while a carbon one will crack. And whether the carbon frame could be mended depends solely on the type of damage. However, most manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee on their carbon frames, while the aluminum ones have a 3-5 year guarantee.

My advice is to read the warranty terms very carefully before buying the bike.


A carbon mountain bike costs more than an aluminum one. Fortunately for all mountain bike riders, the price of carbon bikes has lowered significantly during the last few years, so it’s possible to find such a bike even for $3000.

The lightest material for a mountain bike is titanium, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find one under $3000. If you see one, don’t hesitate to grab it.

A bike style that suit you

The important thing here is where you’re going to ride your brand new mountain bike. Think carefully about the terrain and the distance. Are you looking for something to ride on a rough surface all day long, or for an occasion ride? Answer this question, and then look at these four main bike types:

    • Trail bikes. Such bikes are an excellent choice both for descents and ascents.

    • Cross-country bikes. They are perfect if you like riding uphill regularly or if you want to ride all day long.

    • Enduro bikes. They are built for steep and challenging terrains.

    • Downhill bikes. They are made for those of you that like fast descents.

The right wheel size for me

At the $3000 point, your choice will be mainly between 27.5” or 29”. It all depends on what you want– better traction or lightness.

The 29” wheels provide you with stability and traction but add some weight to the bike. These big wheels also need more time to get going, but they hold their speed very well.

The 27.5” are more nimble and lighter than their larger counterparts, which makes maneuvering easier. But you won’t be able to roll through obstacles as easily as with 29” wheels.

Here’s a very well-made comparison table of the different wheel sizes that might be useful to you.

Go for a test ride

If you are still not sure what kind of bike or wheels you want, go to your local bike shop. Test ride several different mountain bikes and determine how you feel about them. Think about what feels right and what feels wrong. Then test ride again until you’re certain what you want –a full-suspension bike or a hardtail bike.

If you do a test ride, it’ll also be easier to figure out your perfect bike fit.

Now, let’s take a detailed look at my top five picks.

Top 5 Mountain Bikes Under $3000

best mountain bikes under $3000

# 1 The SAVADECK 700 Carbon Fiber

The moment you see this fantastic hardtail bike offered by Savadeck, you’ll fall in love with its light, yet, sturdy carbon fiber frame. It weighs just 11.2 kg/24.69 lb so that you won’t even feel it when you’re speeding uphill or have to carry it over obstacles.

Not to mention that the frame, handlebar, and seat post are designed with the rider’s comfort in mind and are aerodynamically contoured to allow you to handle the bike better.

What’s more, this mountain bike features a Manituo air suspension fork with a lockout, which is great for those who want superior damping system. No matter the terrain you ride through, you can count on it to provide the suspension you need.

Moreover, it’s easy to shift the speeds and control the bike thanks to the amazing Shimano DEORE XT M8000 speed control system, which includes Shimano SL-M8000 DEORE XT shift lever (2x11 speeds), Shimano DEORE XT front/rear derailleurs, and Shimano crankset and flywheel.

And since you have Shimano BD-785 double mechanical disc brakes, you don’t have to worry about stopping the bike in emergencies.

In addition to this, the bike features MICHELN mountain bike tires, which are an excellent choice for any terrain. They are hard-wearing and anti-gill with low resistance so that you can ride smoothly on a rough track.

Another great thing about the Savadeck hardtail bike is that you don’t have to worry about assembly. It comes pre-assembled, and it’s available in different sizes – from 26”x17” to 29”x 19” and nine colors.

As a whole, it’s a great choice for mountain bike enthusiasts and entry-level professionals.


  • A carbon frame
  • Lightweight
  • Shimano components
  • MICHELIN MTB tires
  • Pre-assembled
  • Well-designed
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Not full suspension
  • Mechanical disc brakes 

2. Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race/Pro/LTD Team LTD Hardtail 29er MTB

If you’re serious about mountain bikes, you should take a look at what Steppenwolf has to offer. It’s a well-established brand with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Steppenwolf’s bikes are made in Germany and are well-known for their high standards. So, it’s not a coincidence that their Team Ltd model makes it to the top five best mountain bikes under $3000.

Team Ltd features a lightweight carbon frame created for maximum performance and durability. What’s more, it has a RockShox SID XXWX 100 mm fork in addition to 660 mm handlebars, SDG Circuit MTN saddle, and Easton carbon seat post for the ultimate riding experience.

Another great thing is that this bike is designed for agility and speed thanks to its short rear section and the steep steering angle. You’ll be flying uphill and downhill before you know it.

What’s more, the model has 29x.2.25 Schwalbe Rocker Ron Evo tires, so you’ll roll over obstacles without much problems. Not to mention that the Avid XX 180/180 mm brakes that ensure you’ll stop in time when you need to.

Another great feature about this mountain bikes is that it’s equipped with SRAM XX shifters, front and rear derailleurs in addition to SRAM 10-speed cassette with 11-36t. What’s more, the bike has a Shimano XT/XT chain. You’ll have to problems shifting gears or getting this beauty up to speed.

In addition to this, you have a limited warranty on the frame and one-year limited warranty on the original parts. The model is available in three sizes – small 16.5”, medium - 18.5”, and large - 20”.


  • Light
  • Carbon frame
  • Designed for agility and speed
  • Shimano/SRAM components
  • 29” tires
  • Available in three sizes


  • Not full suspension
  • Expensive

3. BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5

If you’re looking for a bike that you can use to tackle any road, then this mountain bike offered by BEIOU might be the right one for you. It has a light carbon frame measuring 17”x19. It’s designed to achieve high-performance so that you’ll speed uphill and fly on your way down with no issues.

Not to mention that the bike weighs less than 12 kg, so you’ll ride it without much effort before you know it. The lightweight design also means that you can transport the bike to your riding destination with ease.

In addition to this, the bike is equipped with Shimano front/rear derailleurs, Shimano 3x10S control system, BEIOU black-red mountain trial saddle, and UDING DH32 27.5" air suspension fork. Even though the bike is not full suspension, you’ll still have a smooth ride without feeling most of the bumps on the road.

Moreover, the bike has Shimano dual hydraulic disc braking, so you can count on it to stop when you pull the brakes. And the large 27.5” tires give you the perfect balance between agility and stability.

However, you should know that you can opt for a model with a 29” tires if the 27.5” are not enough for you.

Another excellent thing is that the bike is easy to assemble because it comes partially assembled. What’s more, it comes with pedals and a user manual, and it’s available in different colors. 


  • Light
  • High-performance
  • Shimano components
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 27.5” bikes
  • Available in 29” model
  • Available in several colors
  • Comes with pedals


  • Not full suspension

4. Diamondback Bicycles Mission 1 Complete All Mountain Full Suspension 27.5" Bike

Diamondback is a well-known and respected brand when it comes to mountain bikes. And the reason why is that they make high-performance bikes that suit anyone’s budget.

So, the next entry in the best mountain bike under $3000 is Diamondback’s Mission 1.

Mission 1 has an aluminum frame, and it weighs around 32 lbs. It not so light as the carbon fiber ones I discussed already, but it’s still a fast and agile bike with a lot of excellent features.

For once, you can count on it to perform well on any terrain thanks to the 160 mm Fox suspension travel fork, Fox Float DPS rear shock (Kashima coated) and the stiff thru-axle rear. Rocky roads or smooth ones, they won’t be a challenge for this beauty.

Moreover, thanks to the lock-on grips and the WTB Volt Comp saddle, you’ll ride smoothly through bumps and obstacles. Not to mention that it’s a full suspension bike, so it will be easier to handle than a hardtail one.

What’s more, the bike has SRAM 1x11 drivetrain in combination with Race Face Ride crank which gives you plenty of speeds to choose from.

The bike comes with Diamondback Blanchard wheels measuring 27.5” so that you don’t have to compromise stability for agility. And the SRAM Level T hydraulic disc brakes guarantee supreme brakeage power, so you don’t have to worry about stopping when riding downhill.

The model is available in 15.5” size and it comes partially pre-assembled which means that it won’t be difficult to put it together.


  • Full-suspension
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • SRAM components
  • 27.5” tires
  • Lock-on grips


  • Expensive
  • Aluminum frame

5. Diamondback Bicycles Diamondback Bikes Atroz 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

For those on a tight budget, I have the right bike for you. It’s another Diamondback model, and it has everything you can wish for in an affordable mountain bike.

The Atroz 1 has a single pivot suspension design in addition to a sealed cartridge bearing to ensure maximum comfort. You won’t be sore after riding this beauty no matter the terrain.

What’s more, it has a 27.5” wheels, which make controlling the bike a piece of cake. In addition to this, the WTB Vigilante tires perform exceptionally well on steep roads so you can take this bike riding wherever you want.

Moreover, the bike is equipped with SR Suntour XCM travel fork (120 mm), Shimano Acera rear derailleur with Shimano HG-31 8-speed, and a Kindshock coil shock. You won’t be disappointed by its speed.

Unfortunately, the frame is aluminum, so the bike is not as light as you might hope for – 34.6 lb. But you won’t have to worry about damaging it easily.

What’s more, it has Tektro 2 Finger linear pull brakes, which are not as strong as disc brakes. Nevertheless, you won’t have many problems stopping in wet or muddy roads.

Like the other models, the bike comes almost fully assembled so that you can get it ready in 30-60 minutes.


  • Affordable
  • Full-suspension
  • 27.5” wheels
  • Shimano components


  • Aluminum frame
  • Linear-pull brakes

Our recommendation to you

Each of these bikes is an excellent choice if you’re looking for mountain bikes under $3000. However, if I have to recommend one, I would go with the "BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5" because:

  • The frame is made of carbon fiber, and it’s super light
  • It has hydraulic brakes, which are better than mechanical ones
  • It’s available in 27.5” and 29” tire model and several colors
  • It has a Shimano 3x10S control system
  • The bike is easy to assemble, and it comes with pedals and user manual

It’s not a full-suspension bike, but the other components make up for that disadvantage. And as I already pointed out, a carbon fiber frame is not always the best choice when you’re looking for something that won’t crack easily upon impact.

I hope that I’ve been useful to you and that you’ll be able to choose your best mountain bike under $3000 easily. And always remember to take good care of your bike to avoid accidents.

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