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Mongoose Men’s Status 2.2 Review

This is considered to be one of the most affordable models in the market. Its performance though is not sacrificed to make it seem like a cheap imitation of other mountain bikes. It is still well capable of riding together and on par with other more expensive models. Specifications This model has the Mongoose Aluminum […]

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Diamondback Overdrive Sport Review

This is sort of an expensive model you may read about in most reviews about mountain bikes in the range of the $200 to $1000. It is perfectly justifiable though with the components it has. It is also well worth the price for the performance it can provide. And if you are planning to invest […]

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Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual-Suspension Review

This unit is usually considered by many to be an average bike since it is mostly used in casual riding. But what most people fail to see is the fact that even though this is somewhat a commonly seen model, it can perform better than most other bikes available in the market today. This is […]

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Schwinn Men’s High Timber Review

This is a very affordable unit with specifications that can match more expensive models. Its abilities though must come with care from the user to ensure that the bike is not forced to do what it is not capable of. If you chose this model then, you need to familiarize yourself with the bike to […]

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NEW IN BOX Gravity FSX 1.0 Review

This is the mountain bike model recommended for you if you prefer to have a high quality ride in almost all types of road with its very affordable price in the market. It gives you the feel of having a $1000+ model with the performance it provides. This is mainly because of the specifications it […]

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